Customer Reviews

Our customers love Park Avenue Discount Cleaners of Elk Grove! We were awarded Excellence in Customer Satisfaction by Talk of the Town in 2010. Read below to see what our satisfied clients are saying about our Elk Grove dry cleaning services:


Perfectly Consistent! Love Park Avenue Cleaners. They are fast, reliable and most importantly, consistent with the quality of their service. Had my coat, some dress shirts and a delicate fabric dress dry cleaned. What a difference!
I, again, recommend Park Avenue Cleaners! Love them!

–Melody P., Elk Grove


Although the prices have gone up in recent years, this place is till a bargain for getting your dry cleaning and laundry done. Can’t beat the price and turnaround time.

–A.S., Elk Grove


$2.50. Cheap! and they date the return a lot quicker. I’ve dropped off clothes at other places and they ask if blah blah is okay… and it’s practically a week later. This place– 2 days. You pay up front. Hold onto your ticket for pick-up and you’re set.

–Serious C., Sacramento


This is my regular laundry / dry cleaner. I agree with the other posters – this place rocks. It’s well staffed with attentive, competent people. It rarely takes more than two minutes to get in and out, and the prices are a throwback to the 1980’s.

–Algo R., Elk Grove


This is my regular dry cleaner. I’m in and out in minutes, everything comes out perfectly, and, although seemingly run by kids, they have their s**t together. I also commend them on being able to focus on ANYTHING with disgusting Papa John’s pizza fumes creeping in every now and then. Egad.

–Stacy B., Elk Grove


Real cheap and same-day service at no additional cost. For same-day service, all you need to do is have your clothes there before the 9am deadline.

–Tiffany M., Elk Grove