Park Avenue Cleaners is different from other dry cleaners in the Elk Grove area. For one thing, all our services are done on location, by our fully trained staff, not shipped off to some central factory for processing on automated machines. This ensures that your clothes are treated with the utmost care and respect.

Our knowledgeable staff is very experienced and committed to providing all our customers with quality garment and fabric care and the lowest possible prices. We are often asked how we can keep our prices so low while at the same time offering incredible quality in cleaning your garments. Our answer is that we trim expenses on unnecessary packaging. By eliminating excessive use of plastic and paper packaging, we are able to pass incredible savings on to our customers while at the same time creating a more environmentally friendly dry cleaning business.

Dry cleaning is, naturally, the backbone of our business, but we also offer laundry services, expert alteration and repair, as well as cleaning and care for household items. We will also diligently try to remove stains on garments and items when possible, although not all stains are guaranteed to come out.

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