Coat Care

Are cold and snow wearing down your favorite winter wear? It’s easy to beat the winter elements. The most important advice in coat care is to always follow cleaning instructions on the label.

  • Never leave your coat in a car or trunk on a hot day – especially if it is wet. The combination of getting wet, being crumpled and exposed to excessive heat can result in shrinkage, loss of shape and a musty smell.
  • Be careful when carrying purses or items with shoulder straps when wearing fur, shearling or leather coats, as they contribute to premature wear or a “scraped” look on shoulders.
  • Follow care instructions on the label. Some coats come with “dry clean only” instructions, so this is the best option. If the tag recommends hand washing, we can take care of this as well.
  • Protect your coat from the elements. Harsh winter elements, such as salt, dust, dirt and other destructive agents must be gently removed from any coat. Our dry cleaning methods processes will gently clean your coat and keep it looking its best.

Schedule the proper annual care for your coat, such as cleaning, conditioning, tightening of buttons and mending small tears, including those in the pockets or lining. Oftentimes, delaying a repair can lead to larger tears that are more difficult, if not impossible, to repair.