Caring for Spandex

Snapping Spandex

• In years gone by a touch of spandex (also known as lycra, elastane, et al) was found in swimwear, lingerie and undergarments. Today, the fiber’s use has expanded and garment manufacturers of both casual, business and formalwear will often blend a small percentage of spandex to tops, suits, slacks, and skirts.

• BEWARE. The same problem that historically existed with elastic in under garments, swimsuits, and sleepwear exists today—snapping fibers that protrude from the fabric and often looks like lint.

• Spandex fibers snap because they are very susceptible to the least bit of abrasion

• Sapped spandex is more visible on darker colored fabrics

• Any % of spandex (lycra, elastane, etc) means you want to avoid ANY friction: crossed knees rubbing under a desk or table, A shoulder bag strap or a tight fitting belt, overcoats or trenchcoats that do not have smooth (silk or satin) linings, wearing a seatbelt or shoulder strap in a car.