Caring for Scarves

Scarves – A Saving Grace

• A scarf not only looks great and serves as an outfit making fashion accessory, but it can protect your garments, especially expensive coats, leathers, furs, etc. from make-up stains, neck perspiration and body oils.

• So even if you don’t consider yourself a “scarf person” rethink your position. Indulging in the luxury of this accessory is also protecting your most treasured garments.

• Finally, when you bring your scarves into your drycleaner, be sure to request hand finishing, it’s the best method for hand rolled hems.

Taking Care With Your Scarves

• Don’t leave your scarf knotted after wearing it.

• Do not pull or tug on the knot to loosen it. Gently reverse the procedure you used to knot it.

• Do not iron a scarf that you’ve already worn to press out ‘knot’ creases. The heat of the iron will permanently set any invisible (ex. Tannin) stains that may be present.

• If the scarf was stained during the course of wear, take it in promptly for cleaning and request hand finishing. It’s the only method to preserve the ‘roll’ in a hand rolled hem.