Caring for Golf Clothes

Color Loss Is Par For The Golf Course

• There’s nothing quite like a day of sun and fun spent at the golf course, but bear in mind as you’re getting a sun tan, your golf shirt is getting bleached of some of its color. This is especially true in the shoulder area and above the waist.

• Unfortunately, the sun isn’t the only problem. Tree sap (which will undoubtedly find its way onto your clothes) turns acidic with time, and this chemical reaction also pulls color.

• Next problem: Salts from perspiration and deodorants will also affect the dyes, sometimes turning them on ‘orange’ hue. That’s why it’s important to quickly professionally clean or launder these garments to remove the offending acids in chlorides. While fast action is no guarantee, it is the best chance you’ve got!

• Ironically, these color loss problems don’t usually manifest themselves until after the shirt has been processed. So while it might look ‘okay’ to you before hand, the invisible damage shows itself after the fabric has been exposed to heat in the drying process.