Caring For Fur

When Properly Stored

• According to the Fur information Council of America, professional conditioning and storage during summer months is the most critical step in extending the life of your furs.

• Keeping your fur garments at home during the summer can be very costly mistake. Both standard and cedar closets are not suitable for long term storage because they cannot duplicate the conditions for proper air circulation constant 50oF and 50% humidity to maintain valuable moisture. Caution! The smell from the use of cedar and mothballs will adhere to fur and leathers, creating lasting unpleasant odors.

• The Council also warns, “When fur is not (properly) stored, the hair itself may appear fine but the natural oils of the (underlying) leather will begin to dry out.” According to them, “Home storage, using air conditioning or a cedar closet, won’t protect your fur from drying out or from becoming dirty and cannot protect against oxidation which can discolor fur and change its texture.” In fact, they point out; closets at home typically are 10oF warmer than the rest of the room.