Caring for Clothing with Sequins

Sequin Caveats

• Keep sequined garments away from direct steam- steam causes them to either discolor, curl up or both!

• Alcohol (the kind you drink or the kind found in perfumes) will discolor sequins. Make sure your perfume has thoroughly dried before dressing and sip your cocktail very carefully.

• Sequins are generally sewn on using a continuous thread, so if the thread snaps, more than one sequin will be lost. Gather them up and save them. An expert tailor can restring them (like pearls) and sew them back on for you.

• Glued on sequins will often prove to be unserviceable. Clean or launder at your own risk.

• Don’t use home spot removers on sequins. They may remove color or cause them to get ‘tacky’.