Caring for Cashmere

• Cashmere is soft, light, warm and wonderful, but it is not a durable fabric. In other words, it’s susceptible to wear, tear and microscopic abrasion.

• For longer garment life, consider a blend of cashmere and wool. It will maintain its ‘look’ better and longer.

• Buying tips: If you tend to wear more skirts than slacks, keep in mind that a shorter cashmere coat may look very stylish, but won’t provide your legs with much extra protection against the cold. A very long coat may keep you warmer but leave you with a hemline that acts as a magnet for every bit of debris on the streets. That’s why, for your everyday “go to” coat, darker colors are more practical.

• Maintenance check: if you compare all the use and abuse your coat takes to a suit or jacket you wear a few times a month, you’ll realize the importance of regular cleaning to keep this winter staple looking its best day after day.