Care for Suits

A good quality suit can last for years and still look its best with proper care. The following tips will help preserve the life of your suit:

  • Using good hangers will help your suit retain its shape. Good wooden or sturdy plastic coat hangers with rounded shoulder supports will help your suit retain its shape.
  • If your suit has a stain, do not attempt to clean or rub the stain or spill. Carefully blot or absorb excess moisture and then bring it to our dry cleaning location as soon as possible.
  • After each wearing, lightly brush the jacket with a clothes brush to remove dirt and lint. A good brushing with a clothes brush will keep fabric, especially wool and wool blends, in optimum shape.
  • Hang your suit in a closet area where it can have plenty of room for the jacket to hange freely to prevent creases, wrinkles, and allow air circulation.
  • Remember to remove items from pockets before hanging to help maintain the original shape of the suit
  • Always clean suit jacket and pants together before storing.

These tips will keep your suit in excellent condition. If you have other questions about suit care, please ask when you visit us at Park Avenue Discount Cleaners or feel free to call.