From minor repairs to major alterations, from patches and buttons to hems, zipper replacement, lining removal, gown shortening and more, we take great care in the alteration of your garments. Please review our price list below for details:

Dress Hem With Lining$18.00
Dress Hem Without Lining$15.00
Dress Take In/Out With Lining$15.00
Dress Take In/Out Without Lining$10.00
Dress Change Zipper$18.00
Dress Change Zipper With Lining$20.00
Dress Change Zipper Without Lining $22.00
Blouses & Shirts
Blouse/Shirt Lengthen Sleeves$12.00
Blouse/Shirt Shorten Sleeves$10.00
Skirt Change Zipper$18.00
Skirt Change Linings$18.00
Skirt Take Out Lining Completely$12.00
Skirt Shorten or Lengthen With Lining$15.00
Skirt Shorten or Lengthen Without Lining$12.00
Skirt Elastic Waist $15.00
Jeans Hem$10.00
Pants Casual Hem With Lining$12.00
Pants Hem Regular & Casual$8.00
Pants with Cuffs Hem$12.00
Pants Original Hem$18.00
Pants Take In/Out Waist$16.00
Pants Change Zipper$15.00
Pants Belt Loop Repair$2.00 w/ discretion
Pants Belt Loop Replacement$5.00 w/ discretion
Pants Lining Change$20.00
Pants Take Out Lining$12.00
Pants Pocket Broken Seam$8.00
Pants Elastic Leg$15.00
Pants Elastic Waist$15.00
Pants Leg Tapered$20.00
Jacket Shorten Sleeves With Lining, Buttons$20.00
Jacket Shorten Sleeves With Lining, No Buttons$20.00
Jacket Shorten Sleeves Without Lining$15.00
Jacket Change Lining Completely$25.00
Jacket Take Lining Out Completely$12.00
Jacket Fix Lining$10.00 & Up
Jacket Shorten Length With Lining$20.00
Jacket Shorten Length Without Lining$15.00
Jacket Shoulder Pad Change w/ or w/o Lining$14.00
Jacket Shoulder Pad Change$10.00
Jacket Shoulder Pad Change (pads provided)$5.00
Jacket Lengthen Sleeves and Add Fabric$17.00
Jacket Lengthen Lining Length $20.00
Jacket Shorten Lining Length$15.00
Gowns Take/In Out Sides$25.00
Gowns Hem With or Without Lining$25.00
Gowns Change Lining$35.00
Gowns Change Zipper$20.00
Gowns Shortened or Lengthened$25.00 & Up
General Repair
Hole in Fabric With or Without Lining$5.00 & Up
Patch Hole in Fabric$5.00 & Up
Small Tear$2.00-8.00 w/ discretion
Broken Pocket$5.00-$8.00
Military Uniforms
Jumpsuit Change Zipper$20.00
Jumpsuit Elastic Legs$14.00
Jumpsuit Patches Add New Patch$6.00
Jumpsuit Patches Remove Old Patch$1.00
Any Other Patches$5.00 sm / $10.00 lg
Jumpsuit Shorten Sleeve$15.00
Jumpsuit Lengthen Sleeve$20.00
Jumpsuit Remove Lining$12.00